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Exterior Options

select from these durable and timeless exterior materials

Field Material
Field Material 

This material makes up the largest portion of the exterior finish on the facade.  


A clean, durable material.  Stucco has been used in residential construction for centuries.  Choose from a variety of colorways and finishes to round out a classic modern look.

Vertical Siding

Choose from a variety of widths and finishes (grain, no grain) the cement board vertical siding finish offers a sleek and economical option for any style of home.

Board & Batten

A more traditional look, the vertical board and batten options celebrates the history of the farmhouse style, while providing texture and interest on the facade.  Can be painted any color to fully customize your home.

Shou Sugi Ban

A Japanese technique dating back centuries, siding is charred to naturally preserve the wood and prevent decay and insects.  Finish tones range by species, but each offers a beautiful and timeless look.

Concrete Plaster

Love the look of concrete but can't afford the cost? We work with local craftsman and artisans to develop a unique plaster finish with the look of concrete just for you.  With a variety of finishes and textures available, you won't be disappointed.

Cement Board

Cement board panels come in a variety of colors and dimensions.  They can be hung with concealed fasteners, or leave them exposed to give your home a more industrial appearance. 


A timeless and beautiful material, brick can be laid in a combination of bonds and is available in a variety of sizes and colors to make your home truly unique.

Standing Seam

Standing seam siding provides a clean, modern look that celebrates the verticality of the building's form.  Offered in a variety of widths and finishes.

Metal Panel

A metal panel flat lock siding offers a truly iconic siding option.  Flat lock panels have concealed fasteners and can be run diagonal (as shown) or horizontal.  Ask an UNUM:home team member to show you more!

Accent Material

This material accents the larger openings, such as the front entry and back patio. 

Red Cedar

Red cedar is a popular choice for exterior wood due to its inherent resistance to rot and insects.  It can be stained, painted or clear sealed to expose its rich warm tones.

Accoya Wood

Accoya is a treated wood that is the industry premium for exterior applications.  Dimensionally stable, incredibly durable and ideal for coating, Accoya offers a beautiful, sustainable product.

Roofing Material

Often understated, the roof is one of the most important functional and design decisions an owner can make.

Asphalt Shingles

Still the most popular option on many roofs, Asphalt shingles are beloved for their traditional style, affordability and ease of install.  Offered in grey and black.

Corrugated Metal

A more modern and industrial appearance, the corrugations of this metal roof offer a subtle pattern to the surface and the durability of metal.  Offered in grey and black

Standing Seam

A sophisticated look, a standing seam metal roof has concealed fasteners, vertical bent seams and is offered in a variety of widths and finishes.  This roof can be paired with the Standing Seam siding to create a sleek continuation of form.

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